I wanted a small sturdy mount for my 1919 and semi auto MG34 & MG42 That would fit on
the top of the shooting benches at the range I go to. I whipped this one up from some 1 x 1 x
.065 square steel tubing. The crossbar for the T&E is removable so that it doesn't get in the
way of the grips on the 34 & 42. I have 2 adapters for the other guns that pin into the pintle.
Bench Pod
I range tested this first design and it works great, the gun is rock solid and the sights
are at the perfect level when seated. The TNW spade grips make it a lot of fun to shoot.
I wanted to come up with a simple sturdy design that had a built in T & E mechanism,
that would be easy for a home builder to put together. This second design has the T&E
mechanism built into the rear leg. The T&E wasn't completed when I tested it but it is rock
solid. I plan on putting a brass deflector on the rear leg to sort the brass from the links.
I completed the T&E mechanism today, it is still in the ugly stage but looks like it will work
great. There is plenty of movement in both directions and it works pretty smoothly. It is
simple to build with some flat stock and hardware items from MSC. The whole setup can be
built in a few hours for about $50.00 in materials, a lot less than an M2. I will be posting plans
and possibly materials kits if there is enough interest.
Design 2