Guns For Sale
RPD'S For Sale
     These guns are the new Gen2 model RPD's we are currently manufacturing. We start with an all numbers matching kit in very good or better condition, then precision
machine the lower grip frame and bolt carrier to semi auto specifications. We then install our tried and true semi auto parts. Next we remove all the barrel parts from the stubs
and install them on one of our new US manufactured chrome lined barrels. Next we hand fit all the parts to one of our new Gen2 receivers, precision machined from pre
hardened, stress relieved steel.
     Once the guns are assembled they go through a rigorous functionality test that includes firing at least 50 rounds without a malfunction. After the guns have passed the
function check, they are completely dis assembled, all contact surfaces are inspected to verify proper break-in. Then the parts are treated to a factory original multi step hot salt
black oxide refinishing process.
     Each one of our guns is built by hand with old school craftsmanship and a lot of pride in our finished product. Our goal is to provide you with a firearm that will be a
centerpiece of your collection and one you will be proud to own and shoot.
      The guns come with a complete accessory package, a 100 round belt & drum with canvas case, a butt stock cleaning kit, sling and canvas carry case for the rifle.

Standard Rifles are $2,500.00
Standard rifles with original Polish swing away scope mount are $2,650.00