MG 42
FAL Grip conversion kit
  This is a new improved design that allows the FAL FCG parts to retain
their original placement and configuration. The FCG box is .160" wider
than the grip, the grip panels can be thinned down to cover the overlap.
  The parts are precision laser cut and snap together squarely for
welding. There are locater tabs on the back to properly center it on the
  The kit consists of the side plates, bottom plate, front plate, hammer
tube retainer plate, hammer spacer washer, Trigger return  retainer,  
mounting ears, front mounting pin and hammer and trigger pins.

The kit is $70.00 plus $6.50 shipping

I will convert your grip for an additional $60.00 this includes installing the
FCG box, blasting and black parkerizing. The trigger return spring and
plunger are included in this price.

I can supply the rest of the FAL parts for $50.00
AR15 FCG Box
  This kit contains a FCG box and mount for the AR15 FCG. It comes with
attaching screws, wrench and drill rod to make the hammer and trigger
This kit is $25.00 Shipped
New V2.0 bolt conversion parts
This is the new improved bolt insert, it prevents binding associated with
other conversions. It is a drop in unit that uses the original firing pin.
The insert is $105.00.  
Bolt extensions are $40.00
A conversion kit with insert and bolt extension is $145.00
A complete bolt conversion is $195.00