1919A4 Scope mount
   After using the ler pistol scope I decided an aimpoint type device would be better, so I
bough an el cheapo one from Sportsmans guide, it was $45.00.
    This is the sight mounted on the modified base. It is on the gun I built
over thanksgiving weekend. It is currently .308, but I plan on converting it
to 8mm. It is a "B" grade kit from OOW with a Halo rock island side plate.
the gun ran flawlessly from the first shot.
    It was raining and the sight got wet, it makes it hard to use, but the
water didn't seem to hurt it. Windage was right on and all it needed was a
little lowering on the elevation to put it on target. It is really a great setup
and will be a lot better once I put the spade grips on the gun.