News & Updates

  I have teamed up with a Canadian company Arms East LLC, They have gotten all the necessary licenses to import guns & parts.
They have contacts in eastern Europe and we have purchased 100 RPD's that we are in the process of importing. We will be
building these into guns for sale here and in Canada.

     I am having new barrels made for the RPD, these will be quality  CHROME lined replacements for the kits currently
available. They should be available for sale in about 6 weeks.
The shop will be closed for vacation from 06/03/2015 till 06/28/2015.

The approved form 6 finally came back and the process to import 106 RPD kits is underway. Hopefully they wil be in the
shop in about 8 weeks and I can start building rifles.

The new chrome lined RPD barrels have been delayed and hopefully they will be here when I get back from vacation.