Here are some photos of the semi auto Vickers built by Sherman.
Well, I finally got the Vickers done, almost. Took it to the range Sunday and
here are a few photos and some remarks. It ran great... No stoppages, no
fails to feed, nothing. The belt is a new 1941 mfg and you can see the green
stuff that came off the brass tabs as it ran threw the gun. 200 plus rounds and
just a small leak at the drain plug, I should have used non hardening pipe
sealer or anti seize compound on it. The semi mods are flawless if I do say so
myself, I'll have semi sets ready for sale around Christmas. This is my second
steamer, I have a 1928 Colt but the Vickers is way too cool. Oh, at 100 yards,
I was destroying softball sized rocks, it shoots where it looks.

The only thing left is to get a gunners kit together and a steam chest, also a
7.62X54R and an 8mm setup would be nice. Next time I shoot it will be a
7.62X54R Vickers, Dolf says they like the yellow tip stuff. Lon